Remember why you started

Hello there friend! My name is Jen Schwab and I am the face and heart behind jsscribes. The meaning behind my business name? J for Jen, S for Schwab, followed by scribes because that is what I am doing here! I originally got involved with modern calligraphy (in October of 2017) when one of my closest friends got engaged. I told her I would take one for the team and teach myself all the fancy wedding things so that we could DIY as much as we were able to. So I did just that… hours upon hours of practice until I came up with my style of lettering I wanted to pursue. People saw my work and wanted things for themselves as well, so I decided to start a side gig to fulfill orders. NOW I am doing full weddings, bridal showers, events, all the home decor in the world, you name it. I could not be more thankful for this unexpected twist in my life that brings me all the joy in the world!

Head on over to my etsy page to buy yourself or someone else something pretty :) https://www.etsy.com/shop/jsscribes